Virtual Staging before and after

Frequently Asked Questions


24 hour turnaround time, can you really have my photos staged this fast?

As long as the "add to cart" button is showing and there is no notice on the order page, than there is enough room to fit your order in within the 24 hour turnaround time for up to 10 photos! Additional photos may take up to 48 hours depending on the current workload and amount of photos ordered. We work 7 days a week and at all hours of the day to make this possible.
*Please note that we do include free revisions to ensure you are happy which can extend processing time.
24 hours starts when we receive your photos to be staged/edited so please have them ready for post purchase or soon after.

After processing my order how do I get the photos to you?
You will receive an order confirmation with instructions, but in short it's as simple as replying to your order confirmation with the attached images and any additional details you may want to add. Please have your photos ready to send if you are wanting to get them done within the 24 hours of purchase or less.
*If your email won't let you attach large files, Wetransfer is a free option (no signup required) to send all your files with one link. 

Do you offer any type of volume discounts? 
Sorry we don't offer volume discounts as we currently have our pricing at an unbeatable rate compared to our competitors and offer this same great pricing to a realtor ordering 50 or to a person just ordering a single photo as our margins are razor thin already for what we offer and we don't want to sacrifice on quality or time spent with any of our customers!

Who takes the photos of my home?
You send in the vacant property photos, we work our magic staging them and email them back. Most of our photos come from realtors but we accept all photos from professional photographers to pictures you took yourself. We can stage just about anything!

What type of photos do you work with? Any guidelines?
We can work with pretty much any file type as long as your property photos are vacant and ready to be virtually staged.
Some quick guidelines when taking your photos:

Keep in mind when sending photos if they are too large you may need to send them in separate emails or if using Gmail for example, they can send as a Google Drive attachment all at once.

Can I change something after you send me the staged photos?
Absolutely! We offer initial free revisions within 48 hours of receiving your staged photos to ensure you are happy, however this only applies to the same photo already sent to us. New photos would need to be submitted as a separate order. After 48 hours, photos are removed from our software and can no longer be edited and would have to be re-submitted as new staging photos.

Can I pick a style of furniture/decor?
If you have a preference, for example you want rustic or modern decor and furnishings, please leave a message in the note box during checkout and we will be sure to stage according to your style preference as we have a library with tons of options to choose from when staging your home.

How many images do you suggest to stage for a property?
We always suggest a minimum of 3 to cover your main rooms.. Living room, master bedroom, dining/kitchen, but 5 is our most common as showcasing extra rooms in different formats is ideal for staging. For example staging a 3rd bedroom as an office, or a basement as a fun rec room. These are the type of photos that can put your listing over the top and stand out from the rest! And don't overlook staging your outdoor space as first time home buyers or renters love to see a space to relax when the weather is nice after a hard day at work ;)

Do you edit photos if there are things I want to hide?
We do. When placing a separate order for the quantity of photos needed for this service: Virtual Furniture Removal. This service also includes virtual staging, clutter removal and touch ups!

Do these photos actually "fool" buyers/renters into believing they are real?
While we don't try to "fool" potential buyers or renters or mislead them in any way, we do want to give them an idea of what can be done as realistic as possible. Realtors have used our photos for their clients with great feedback!

Since these are virtually staged, is it required that I disclose that in the listing?
We highly suggest that when virtually staging a property or editing photos that you disclose that the photos have been virtually staged. Buyers/renters will have no problem with this as they get to see it staged and vacant when they visit so they can visualize all the opportunities that they can do with the property. Disclosing is especially important when it comes to out of town buyers as properties can be sold or rented without actually seeing the property so it's always best to fully disclose everything as you don't want to be viewed as misleading a potential buyer/renter. holds no responsibility for buyer/renter disputes based on property staging and not disclosing everything to your future buyer or renter.
Please see our Terms & Conditions page for full details before purchasing our services.

Do you offer refunds?
All purchases from are final, we do not offer refunds/returns as all our work will be started immediately after your order is placed and photos are sent to us. We do however issue a full refund for the service "Virtual Furniture Removal" if an image is too cluttered to work with.

Can I also contact you by phone?
Currently we run all our support digitally. Therefore there is no need for us to have a phone number to run support through. Our systems are pretty streamlined and we thrive to answer your questions in a timely matter.